Lily’s 2nd Birthday

Ok…so 2 years late, and they aren’t ACTUALLY pictures from her birthday/nor the party, since it was cancelled due to a death in the family.  We did an impromptu party about 6 weeks later, and apparently, never thought to pick up a CAMERA!  I’m ashamed, and I’m sure that she will make me pay for this mistake.  I deserve it two fold, for all the things I remind my mother she didn’t do for ME!  I got this paper out of a clearance bin, and I’m disappointed that I didn’t pick up more.  I kind of like it!


I scraplifted this layout from Scrapbook Page Planner, which is a truly wonderful resource.  Didn’t turn out at all like the sketch though…guess I should have been paying more attention than talking on the phone while I was putting it together.



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One Response to “Lily’s 2nd Birthday”

  1. Joan B Says:

    Oh my goodness, is she adorable or what?? And an adorable page.

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