My new favorite tool!

I’ve been eyeing this for months.  I caught sight of it on my way out of a LSS, and put it on my wish list.  I didn’t get it for Christmas, but I did get gift cards to buy…so this was the first thing that I put in my basket on my after Christmas shopping spree!  Bazzill In Stitch’z templates!  You see, I’m not one to actually sew.  My idea of sewing is to bring it to my mother:)  I had actually contemplated buying a small sewing machine, and really couldn’t see myself  using it much (besides…Maggie has a sewing machine and if I can figure out how to thread it, I COULD use that.)  So, I thought the templates would guarantee me a ‘precisely’ random look.  It completely fits into who I am but what I WANT to be.  You see, I have an issue when things aren’t evenly spaced, uneven, etc. 

So back to the original thought…the Bazill In Stitch’z!  This is the template that I bought, along with two different shades of floss along with the piercer. 


I love all of these!  I only bought the floss from LSS because I was on a ‘I need it NOW’ trip.  I could have gotten it from Michaels or Hobby Lobby for a much better price, and will for any future floss needs. 

It’s so very easy to use the templates.  You place the template down where you want to put the stitches…


Use the nifty little piercing tool to put the holes in where you want them


(Please ignore my hands…I apparently need a tripod)

Once all of the holes are pierced, you go ahead and ‘sew’


And, you can see the precise randomness that I was speaking of!  It’s lovely and perfect!  The end result is terrific!  I’m so pleased with this purchase.



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One Response to “My new favorite tool!”

  1. Claudia Says:

    That’s a really neat tool! thanks for sharing it:D

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