Valentine’s Day Gift

Because Lily was at my in-laws, I worked on her Valentine’s Day album.  Truth be told, I intended to make acrylic albums for both of the girls for Christmas.  That got nixed when I ran out of time, and opted to enjoy the Holiday rather than to spend what I thought would be hours and hours working on two albums.  The album was a piece of cake to make…ONCE I figured out what I was doing.  I had a brain fart and I actually thought I could use my versamark brillance pads on them.  I’m not sure what I *was* thinking…but it DOESN’T work!  LOL!  And, putting embossing powder over it didn’t work because the acrylic has static cling something fierce and just made a bigger mess (you know…that whole experience thing again).  I also tried alcohol inks from Ranger, and while they stayed on the acrylic, they weren’t dark enough to really stand out.  I did end up using stickles, glitter stickers that I had laying around, along with chipboard and rub ons.


I had actually stamped with the versamark brilliance pads for the front and once I realized that they would NEVER dry, I traced over them with the stickles. 


I had naked chipboard, so I used the versamark brillance pad and then embossed it.


The center comes pre-glittered, and I just glued them down.


Glitter stickers that I had a BUNCH of, and knew that I wouldn’t use on my family albums.  The biggest challenged I had was the back of the ‘ugly’ things.  So, I solved that by using the same sticker on the other side…it’s not a perfect match, but I think that it covers it up enough to not distract you from the whole page.


The rub on that I used below was purchased specifically for these albums…and it WOULDN’T stick to the album.  It works on the picture, but not really where I wanted it.


I added little gemstone flowers that I had in my stash, and I like how they compliment the glitter stickers.


I did finally find a rub on to stick to the album.  They were also from Hobby Lobby…not sure of the manufacturer.


I stuggled with the back cover.  I had to hide the glue from the picture, and it couldn’t be bigger than the photo.  I used my Just Rite Stamper for this.  While it’s time consuming to put all the letters in (and makes me realize that I’m going to need reading glasses soon than later at this point!) I really do like being able to personalize ANYTHING, and using my round punch with the scallop behind it! 


To finish off the album, I tied a couple of different ribbons to the rings that hold the album together.  I think that any four year old would love this album:)

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Valentines Day Gifts » Blog Archive » Valentine ’S Day Gift « So Many Stamps…So Little Time Says:

    […] Because Lily was at my in-laws, I worked on her Valentine ’s Day album. Truth be told, I intended to make acrylic albums for both of the girls for Christmas. That got nixed when I ran out of time, and opted to enjoy the …Continue Reading […]

  2. Dana V. (*danavee* on SCS) Says:

    Congratulations! This blog post was featured in the latest Carnival at We would love it if you’d let YOUR blog readers know too… you know, share the love! Happy Valentine’s Day! Craft Critique loves you!

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