Guest Post…by Maggie Powell

This weekend was spent crafting away.  I can honestly say I spent a good 12 hours in the last two days crafting.  One might ask how I was able to get ALL of that time?  Well, my in-laws (bless their hearts!) took my youngest for the weekend.  Allowing me and Maggie (my oldest) to spend a lot of time crafting together.  Without Lily around, there were very few interuptions.  For a four year old, Lily can create a TON of distractions!  Even when she’s quiet, then I’m wondering what in the heck she’s doing?  It usually isn’t a good thing. 

Maggie took the Basic Grey set that I had managed to make two cards out of, and made 10 cards of her own.  She gave me one card to use for my own personal use, and I have to say, I’m not sure that I can send it.  It’s too pretty to send out. 


Isn’t it lovely? 


She used pop dots on the flowers too.  This is entirely her own creation, and I have to say, she did way better with the cards than I did!  She threw this card together in about 5 minutes.  I guess I should leave the card making up to her! 


P.S. If you have a blog with a Valentines day theme project (current or old), go to and check out their Blog Carnival!  You have until the 12th to submit your link, and they will post the links on the 13th!


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One Response to “Guest Post…by Maggie Powell”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    That’s really cute! I think she did a great job… must have gotten mom’s talent!

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