Isn’t it lovely?

This is my newest album that I just bought.  Well, not JUST, but within the last month.  I never purchase albums from Hobby Lobby(I’m not opposed to buying from them…I’m more of an impulse buyer and am usually at a LSS when I buy one), and I was returning some things that I bought that I didn’t like (I’m not sure how that happened…buyers remorse?) and I happened past it.  The whole thing just begged for me to take it home…not to mention the 50% off!  I thought it was a steal at $12.50. 


I love the stitching…especially since *I* didn’t have to do it!  It’s a true 12×12 which is VERY important in my world.  And, while I KNOW it’s not leather, it such FEELS like it…making it very rich and impressive in person.  I have a friend who typically goes for Paper Studio albums, and I’m more of a buy what makes my skirt fly up, type of girl.  I think I may be sold on Paper Studio, because this just makes me smile ear to ear, and there isn’t even a single scrapbook page in it! 


P.S. If you have a blog with a Valentines day theme project (current or old), go to and check out their Blog Carnival!  You have until the 12th to submit your link, and they will post the links on the 13th!


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2 Responses to “Isn’t it lovely?”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    Is paper studio who did this one? I haven’t tried them yet.. put stuff in it and let me know how it goes?! What’s the spine look like? I have issues with spines! They have to be GOOD spines.

    I have used We R Memory Keepers albums because they have great spine and none of those Extension things. They start out at 2 inches.. like a real scrapper knows you need!

  2. reneepowell Says:

    Yes, it’s Paper Studio. What are your issues with the spine? It’s a nice expandable spine…I, personally, like it better than We R Memory Keepers (that was my last one). I have pages ready to go IN it! I’ll post a picture of the spine with stuff in it too.

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