Framed words

I’ve mentioned before that I have frames over at a local store (Aimee’s cottage in Channahon).  I’m trying to come up with generic frames that people can purchase immediately, instead of custom order.  Right now, the frame sits on top of my shelving unit, because I’m not sure if it’s what I really want to display there. 


It just kind of sits there…it works for my craft room though…so there it will stay until something else comes to me.  It seems unimaginative and flat.  Sad because this whole concept works really well for names…just not generic sayings.  Any suggestions?




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One Response to “Framed words”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    I think you have this down pretty well. Maybe a bit more stamp or a bigger stamp in the lower corner and the smaller flourish up on the top right corner. Just a bit more filled out. I definitely think the neutral color schemes and not too much pattern help.

    Another idea? You can create a patterned background on the main paper, but with like versamark. Very subtle but a little more happening?!

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