Halloween in February

So, still plowing through the 2006 pictures, and I’m finally to Halloween!  Good thing right?  Not so much when you’re not prepared with appropriate papers/embellishments.  So, I do what I always do when it’s too time consuming to run to a LSS…punt and pray for rain.  This is what I ended up doing. 

First, I turned to my trusty Scrapbooksetc. Page Planner.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. 


My last two pages have been lifted out of this book.  While neither of them have come out even remotely close to the original, they gave me a terrific starting off point and the less time I have to sit and figure out how to put them on the paper, the more time I can spend on other things…like stitching and journaling!  So, I used this sketch and just turned it on it’s side because my pictures didn’t fit into the layout.


I also didn’t go with traditional halloween colors, because, I had no choice.  I really do like to tackle these older pictures in chronological order (I’m sure that there is some official disorder name for this…I just consider it my nutty side) so that I can be DONE with them.


I think maybe I missed the boat on the title on this one…it just didn’t seem to fit in anywhere, nor did I have the urge to pull out the wishblade to create a title. 


P.S. If you have a blog with a Valentines day theme project (current or old), go to www.craftcritique.com and check out their Blog Carnival!  You have until the 12th to submit your link, and they will post the links on the 13th!


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