A lifted card

So, I had been admiring this card for some time now http://nicholeheady.typepad.com/capture_the_moment/2009/02/day-9-introducing-friends-til-the-end-quick-kits.html.  Let me just be honest now and say that EVERYTHING that she makes, I fall in love with!  Her stamps are the main reason that I’ve been itching so bad to actually make cards again!  As soon as I saw the card, I knew that I had a stamp that came pretty darn close (well, it did in my MIND!  LOL!) and I could attempt to recreate the card.  I made two different versions of the card.


Check out that stiching!  Remember when I said I couldn’t use Maggie’s sewing machine?!?  I DID IT!  Oh, my mom’s going to be SO proud!  Check out the stitching on the next one…


In my mind, and I must say that my MIND is very sure of my abilities, I would stamp on the chocolate with a light pink, and it would give the same effect as Nicole’s.  Not so much on that.  I then switched to pink embossing powder.  In my haste to actually make the card, I didn’t think too far in advance and I cut the paper without taking into consideration of what the final card size would actually BE (Note to self: STOP DOING THAT!).  So, I cut it a bit smaller than I should have, but overall, I’m happy with the card.  Not to mention, I have vellum envelops that the card will fit in that will make it that much more special.



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