Have you come here for stamping?

I’ll have to say…not today…again.  Life, well, is crazy right now.  Soccer practice twice a week, softball practice twice a week…add a birthday party and a soccer game and there just isn’t any time to stamp. 

I know I could be spending the time that I’m blogging to actually stamp or create, but can I plead an injury (the elbow is STILL bothering me!) and just go with what’s going on in this half soft brain of mine?

Chuckle of the day, via phone with my husband:

TP: So, what color planter do you want?  Blue, sage, chocolate or brown brown?

Me: Um….what’s the difference between chocolate or brown brown?

TP: You know, chocolate or….brown…english leather brown?

Me: I can’t believe that my HUSBAND just said english leather brown. 

Seriously, my husband thinks that chocolate brown isn’t really a brown brown.  Maybe he’s color blind?  He then proceeded to buy an ‘english leather’ brown planter, along with a plant, to place in the living room.  He’s really digging this whole remodeling thing.  The living room is my new favorite place to be.  It’s comfortable, feels spacious and uncluttered, and there aren’t any socks next to the tv stand!  I should take a picture of THAT!



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