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Better late than never…right?

March 26, 2009

Ok…so, it’s almost been a month, but it’s not like I’ve been NOTHING for the last month.  Almost exactly a month ago, I went out scrapping for the night.  I got 4 layouts semi done, and while I loved what I did, I haven’t done a single thing with them (like finishing the journaling or the titles, or even adhered the pictures on the last one!)  I hurt my elbow…to the point where it hurt to extend my arm, that’s healing nicely, without the help of a doctor:)  Added to my pain, was twice weekly karate sessions, brownies, tumbling and softball conditioning, and well, didn’t leave a lot of me time.  We’re down to two things again, and I’ve been encourage to resume blogging.  So, I’m going to pick up where I left you last month.

My journal!  I love it!  Though I do need to make a couple of minor adjustments for it to be fully functional, I’m very pleased with the end result.  Here is is in all it’s glory:


I inked up the edges with a cats eye because I figured that it’s going to be distressed anyways after a couple of days in my purse.  Notice the prima’s?  Yeah…they aren’t suppose to be there, but I mispunched my holes…you can see those here:


That’s the back of the book.  Anyways, no mistakes, just a chance to embellish right?  That’s what I’m going for!

So, I added three sections…along with dividers that I have the intention of putting pockets, we’ll see if I get around to that!


I also have a calendar and notes section.  I’m so very pleased, minus the mistakes that I made, but I could see myself making more of these.  It was pretty quick, and putting in the fixes that I didn’t factor in the first time around would make it even quicker!

What I would do differently:

  1. I wouldn’t use liquid adhesieve (too long of a drying time and caused some bubbles/bumpiness).  Just a good sticking tape and running it everywhere!
  2. Make sure that I punched the holes either evenly across the project or barring that I wouldn’t want to have to figure that out (and the front embellishment might hinder that) I would make sure that I had the project in order so when I was punching holes I knew that they were all lined up.
  3. Pockets on the dividers since I’m always looking for a place to stick things…oh, an even better idea would be to have ‘envelope’ files in there to house those little papers/receipts/etc. that I’d like to be able to find later!
  4. I would add ribbon…so maybe use papers that I had some ribbon that would work.  Again, that whole thinking it out prior to making the first cut!

Ok, so preplanning isn’t in my nature, and my ideas in my head are always better…believe me, it looked AWESOME in my mind, but I’m still happy that I accomplished it, and that I now have something great to pull out and let people tell me how awesome it is (again, that whole in my mind thing!) 


PS…It feels great to be back:)


One of my favorite papers!

February 11, 2009

That’s saying a lot.  I own paper…lots and lots of paper.  Mostly solids, but I’m expanding out to prints.  I usually will buy print (unless it’s Piggy Tales…then I have to own that ASAP!) when I’m at a LSS and have something specific in mind.  When I saw this paper at Archivers by Heidi Swapp, I had to have it.  It’s beautiful.  It’s textured…with flock like ‘stuff’ (great adjective huh?)  Makes you want to touch it, and posses it, and never ever ever USE it…especially at $2.49 for one piece!  Look at the texture on this paper!  I wish you could FEEL it!  Amazing I tell you!


So, what does one do when they have this amazing paper and no pictures that do it justice?  Make your kids play in the snow!  So, we spent a Sunday morning playing in the snow, and I must have taken 50 pictures…hoping to get those amazing shots that would make the amazing paper even more wonderful! 


I think that this picture does it justice.  The poor child was freezing, and I was begging for 10 more minutes!  I added the title that I made using one of my sizzlet fonts and chipboard pieces…added some versamark brilliance ink and some bling, and I was set.


If you notice, I screwed up the journaling.  So, I had to do some improvising, and a little punch to cover part of the smudge that I also did, and voila, complete. 

So, I managed to use paper that scared the daylights out of me (I really did think I was going to screw it up!) and complete it in less than an hour…record time!


A cool photo

February 5, 2009

I just had to post this picture.  I think it shows what my camera COULD do, if I were able to use it beyond a point and shoot!  This was totally an accident, but I do love the mid-focus (I’m sure that there is a technical term for it) and the blurriness of the picture all around it.  I was just trying to show that I had popped up with sentiment.