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Christmas cards from the past

December 28, 2009

I happened across these in my decluttering of the girls craft/scrapbooking area.  I give them all of my cast offs, to use the card stock, to play with, whatever they decide to do with them.  They are fun to look at and see what I’ve changed since.  Without further ado, here they are:

This was Christmas 2005.  Oh the problems I had with this card were NUMEROUS!  The intention for the silver overlay was to put silver embossing powder on it and really make it stand out.  Doesn’t work so well on velum.  So, I had to improvise, thus the above results here.  Then, the sentiment…oh, that one sure does get me!  I stamped it and then cut it…again, didn’t work out so well, and really, it sucks stamping a sentiment over and over again.  You get off kilter as you go.  I have issues taking straight pictures, let alone stamping straight!  I attached the girls picture underneath.  Now, I see the possibilities of what I could have done differently. 

Christmas of 2008.  Oh what a mess this one was!  I used my wishblade to cut those circles.  I lifted this off of a card that I had seen…but my thought was, I’ll use the wishblade to make the snowflakes.  After hours, literally hours, of trying to get the snowflakes to cut small enough to fit on those ‘ornaments’ I knew that I had to come up with something else.  This is what I came up with.  The embossing was horrendous, as all of the circles were already cut.  Those of you that did receive this card last year, I HOPE that I sent you one that was WAY cleaner than this one!  Ohh…and I had the entire set of 65+ cards last year assembled before I realized, I don’t have anything for the inside, minus the girls picture!  So I hand wrote our names, thus forcing me to have a plan for this year (puts you in the mind-set of punishment writing that teachers used to give us…reinforces the lesson!  Some merit to that apparently!)

This was my very first christmas card.  I had to save the best for last:)  December 2004, and my lovely, wonderful, ever-so-helpful friend Cyndi convinces me that I should make my own Christmas cards.  It will be SOOOO much fun, she says.  I believe her.  That year, I sent out 82 cards.  Do you want to know why I remember that?  Because that time is permanently etched into my brain as I sat at my kitchen table, until 4am trying to finish these up.  Embossing powder everywhere, trying to hear the newborn that was upstairs and didn’t like to sleep, trying to stay awake.  Oh, it was a lovely moment in time, let me tell you. 

However, this first card, with all of its mistakes and flaws (one MAJOR flaw was that I had to cut 2″ off each photo to get it to fit IN the card…what a HUGE pain that was!) was what set off the card making tradition.  I do enjoy it…after they are done:)

I hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane with me.



A belated Christmas card…better late than never!

December 26, 2009

This years Christmas card wasn’t hard at all.  Unlike others, I can’t (read: UNABLE) to produce more than one send worthy card (even THAT is a little iffy!)  I usually start thinking about it in September, by October, I actually move to trying to create a card, and by mid-November, I have a good idea as to the card that I will send.  Unfortuantely, I can’t rely on the people in my own house to tell me if it’s ok or not, so sometimes, I just go with the first draft.  Other times, there are 8-20 drafts made, discarded, crumbled up, etc.  Those are the cards that the kids get to play with. 

This years card involved the following:  110 score lines, 220 punches of the scalloped punch, 55 scalloped jumbo circle punches, 55 small circle punches and 440 cuts on the paper trimmer.  All of that to produce 55 cards that resembled this:

Nothing spectacular, but do-able by all means.  And, for mass producing (I’m down to 55 cards at this point) this was a project that I finished in a little under 20 hours.  For me, that’s a record!  Normally, I spend about that trying to figure out what I wanted to do.  There are a couple of things I would have done differently, had I truly thought out the construction of the card.  I wouldn’t have scored the ‘pocket’.  Way too time consuming, and not very precise, on my part (scor-pal would have come in hand at this point in the construction!)  I would have purchased more than ONE silver marker to do the outline on my cream piece.  Not all the cards got this detail, as my marker started to die, and I wanted this project off of my list of things to do! 

Now, the sentiment, that is usally what hangs me up.  Will stop me dead in my tracks, with this gut twisting desire to scrap the entire card.  Instead, I used our Print Shop (probably 2.0…the thing is older than the computer!) and made a circle that was a tad bit smaller than the large circle punch I had, and I was able to get 20 on a sheet, and then just punched them out.  Now, one might ask, why didn’t you do that before?  I have, but it never came out clean.  It usually depending on me cutting them out, which is fine, if you take margins and dead print space into account…again, with the planning and thinking ahead. 

The picture that I slipped behind the ‘envelope’ I just matted on cream card stock.  I had grand illusions of putting a silver border on that also, however, with the above mention demise of said silver marker, that was not happening. 

Now, in years past, I wasn’t as prepared as I was this year.  I had all but about 15 cards completely assembled, so the night that I got the pictures, I was able to wrap up the project.  That was a huge load off of my shoulders and list! 

Next time, I’m going to show you some cards from the past!


A quickie…

May 11, 2009

Just a little card I threw together for our favorite purple room teacher.


I embossed the mat behind the sentiment with a cuttle bug embossing plate (swirls?).  I sure do love those plate, though I forget to use them…well, I forget that I have them period! 


An old technique

February 27, 2009

but new colors!  I’ve had embossing paste for a couple of years (maybe 3-4).  HAD to have it.  Then it sat with the rest of the stuff, because well, I didn’t have everything that I needed!  LOL!  Have you ever used embossing paste?  It has a great effect on the cards, but wow, it can be a pain. 

Embossing paste is used with a stencil.  I’ve only seen it with the brass stencils, but I’m sure that it would work with other stencils.  You smear it on like frosting…take off the excess, and you have a raised stencil of whatever image you’re using.  I happen to use it with a coordinating stamp that I have, but I’ve also seen it with chalks etc.


I also added some glitter to it while it was still wet.  Depending on the amount of paste that you use will depend on the drying time.  It’s a substantial amount of time though (the amount that I used takes about 2-3 hours to completely dry).  And, the cleanup is a pain in the rear!  You have to really scub that stuff off the stencil. 


Think of the possibilities with the embossing paste?  Besides the fact that it comes in numerous colors (I have translucent and white)…You could do a reverse emboss, spreading a sheet of it, and putting a stamp INTO it.  Just using it for a raised embossing.  You can put chalk under it.  Beads and glitter.  Stickles.  The list is endless.  So, for all of the pain that it can be, it’s worth it!


A lifted card

February 25, 2009

So, I had been admiring this card for some time now  Let me just be honest now and say that EVERYTHING that she makes, I fall in love with!  Her stamps are the main reason that I’ve been itching so bad to actually make cards again!  As soon as I saw the card, I knew that I had a stamp that came pretty darn close (well, it did in my MIND!  LOL!) and I could attempt to recreate the card.  I made two different versions of the card.


Check out that stiching!  Remember when I said I couldn’t use Maggie’s sewing machine?!?  I DID IT!  Oh, my mom’s going to be SO proud!  Check out the stitching on the next one…


In my mind, and I must say that my MIND is very sure of my abilities, I would stamp on the chocolate with a light pink, and it would give the same effect as Nicole’s.  Not so much on that.  I then switched to pink embossing powder.  In my haste to actually make the card, I didn’t think too far in advance and I cut the paper without taking into consideration of what the final card size would actually BE (Note to self: STOP DOING THAT!).  So, I cut it a bit smaller than I should have, but overall, I’m happy with the card.  Not to mention, I have vellum envelops that the card will fit in that will make it that much more special.



February 24, 2009

I finally did it…sewed on a card, and got it to WORK.  Good right?  Yeah, in theory.  In reality, when I did the zigzag, I actually had to do it upside down.  I’m not sure if that’s operator error or if that is just the way that the machine works (though I’m thinking that it IS operator error!).  I’m very pleased with the actual sewing, and I can’t wait to actually use it on a layout.  Check out my stiches below:

picture-113-cropa   picture-109-cropa

Though they aren’t perfect, I’m *DARN* proud of myself.  And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors!  I’ll show you the actual cards tomorrow:)

Birthday Invites

February 10, 2009

These invites were from last year, but with this amazing weather that we’re having (mid 50’s today) and mid 60’s tomorrow (take that you nasty groundhog!) Anyway, this warm weather got me thinking about sandals…and I thought I would show you what I did for 50 birthday part invites.  In the past years, when making the birthday invites, I’ve screwed them up (to put it nicely!).  Picked odd sizes, couldn’t find the right size envelopes (locally) etc.  So, this time I tackled this project with some pre-planning.  For all of my desire to have things exact and just right, invites/cards never make it that far.  I’m much more impromptu with my cards and such, making for a lot of rejects! 

Ok…so back to the invites.  We rent the community center pool for our oldest daughters birthday (for the last 3 years anyway).  So, I’m always looking for a water/beach/pool theme…and flip flops were last years theme.  I cut 102 pairs of shoes (one for the front, and one for the back) on my wishblade, along with 150 flowers.


As you can see…they are meant to swing open so you can see where the party is.  When I did the first 3-4, I just put the ribbon in for the thingys that go between your toes…but after opening it a couple of times, I realized that they wouldn’t make it to the recipent in one piece.  So, I added an eyelet, and just didn’t completely set it in the back, allowing for the movement, and in the end, an easy solution to completing the card, rather than starting all over.


Had I not been in a huge rush to finish the invites AND actually thought out the inside of the card, I would have adhered them to a piece of plain office paper, and ran it through the print to print directly on the lower pair of flipflops.  Again, the whole pre-planning of a card, not my strong suit.  Though, it’s through my screw ups that I will have making my invites easy and stressfree by the time my youngest is 35! 


Adding the bling was a requirement from Maggie.  She loves her sparkles.  She also loves having me make her invites…secertly, I love it too!  Everyone always raves about the invites and is amazed that I do that many.  So what if I miss out on about 3 nights of sleep? 

Hope these flip flops make you smile and think of summer!

P.S. If you have a blog with a Valentines day theme project (current or old), go to and check out their Blog Carnival!  You have until the 12th to submit your link, and they will post the links on the 13th!

Guest Post…by Maggie Powell

February 9, 2009

This weekend was spent crafting away.  I can honestly say I spent a good 12 hours in the last two days crafting.  One might ask how I was able to get ALL of that time?  Well, my in-laws (bless their hearts!) took my youngest for the weekend.  Allowing me and Maggie (my oldest) to spend a lot of time crafting together.  Without Lily around, there were very few interuptions.  For a four year old, Lily can create a TON of distractions!  Even when she’s quiet, then I’m wondering what in the heck she’s doing?  It usually isn’t a good thing. 

Maggie took the Basic Grey set that I had managed to make two cards out of, and made 10 cards of her own.  She gave me one card to use for my own personal use, and I have to say, I’m not sure that I can send it.  It’s too pretty to send out. 


Isn’t it lovely? 


She used pop dots on the flowers too.  This is entirely her own creation, and I have to say, she did way better with the cards than I did!  She threw this card together in about 5 minutes.  I guess I should leave the card making up to her! 


P.S. If you have a blog with a Valentines day theme project (current or old), go to and check out their Blog Carnival!  You have until the 12th to submit your link, and they will post the links on the 13th!

A cool photo

February 5, 2009

I just had to post this picture.  I think it shows what my camera COULD do, if I were able to use it beyond a point and shoot!  This was totally an accident, but I do love the mid-focus (I’m sure that there is a technical term for it) and the blurriness of the picture all around it.  I was just trying to show that I had popped up with sentiment.



Another card!

February 3, 2009

well…actually 2!  I’m trying to make two of everything so I’m not wasting my time trying to think of a different design every single time. 

These are going out to a good friend who I think can use a pick me up!  I think this one is my favorite between the two


This one is ok…but I think the ribbon is throwing me off.


I used my stickles…had some splurt out on me, but no fears, I got it all under control.  I was trying to make some ‘quick’ cards with some of the million or so rubbons that I had.