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Change of Pace, part 2

January 11, 2010

Page number three was a no-brainer.  Just added a butterfly rub-on and called it a day. 

The clear albums allow you to use the less is more rule since by the time you get to the end, you can see an awful lot of the embellishments from the rest of the album.

Had I really thought how the rub-on was going to lay on between the picture and the album, I wouldn’t have put it there, but it’s not horrible in person:)

Sorry for the terrible picture!  Apparently I rushed through that page!

These little felt flowers were terrific for this project!  Same place that I bought the felt boarder, and I just added some gems to them.  Great, easy embellishment that was quick!

And, the final page:

Those who know my scrapbooking style know that I DO NOT ever write in my own books.  I know, it’s important, that generations from now will appreciate it, however, I just can’t.  So, I felt like it was important to do it here.  Now, you know why I don’t do it:)  I can’t ever write in a straight line!  I’m sure a handwriting expert can come up with the real reason, but none the less, it’s there forever and ever.



Change of Pace

January 9, 2010

I did another acrylic album and these are probably my favorite to do!  This was for my oldest daughter for Christmas.  It was suppose to be for Valentine’s day…but my road to hell is paved with good intentions.  I did this album in under an hour and it was a blast.  It’s always nice to sprinkle in the quick projects with the never ending scrapping.

Because of the nature of the album, I kept the cover simple.  I wrote her name with stickles (I copied a stamp for the M and then freehanded the rest) and added three rhinestone flowers that I bought when I bought the album 2+ years ago at the Scrapbook Expo in St. Charles. 

I used some felt die-cuts that I bought at the expo last year.  While they are a terrific idea, I had a difficult time with them keeping their shape with all the little swirls and thin pieces.  I think that I paid a dollar for it, and I would probably buy them again, at that price, I would just have to mentally be prepared for fighting to get it laid down the way that I think it should be.  I also had imagined that when I put it on the other side, that it would match up.  Thankfully, it’s a clear glue, but it still gives it a much more cluttered look than I would have liked.

This is my favorite picture!  She knows that this isn’t the real Santa (this is the Holiday World Santa) yet she still believes and thinks that this guy has some really strong connections to the big guy!

I’ll post the rest of the pictures later this week!


March, April and May

January 6, 2010

More pictures of the calendar!  I really tried to make these simple and easy.  I used my beloved Stampin’ Up Scalloped punch.  Notice the corner flower…yeah, didn’t line up the punches correctly, so I applied the ‘there are no screw ups only chances to embellish’. 

For April, I used some rub ons that I found in the clearance bin at Archivers.  (Notice a trend…*I’m* so behind in scrapping that I can buy things out of their clearance bin and feel like they are new and trendy!)  They are meant to be layered, however, I just used them as they came in the package, because that’s what I do best!

Again, another simple page.  With the Stick With It Designs.

You can see the lack of coverage that I’m talking about here:

I rubbed the glitter into the design but still not in love with the coverage.


February…in January!

January 4, 2010

This is February, from the calendar I talked about last time. 

Now, using the home made calendar does take some getting used to.  It’s hard to coordinate the colors from one month to another.  Had I planned it a bit better, I would have printed all of the pictures in black and white, and used an overall complimentary scheme. 

I also used a new product, for me, though it was in the clearance bin at Archiver’s for 25% off so I don’t think it’s a new product to the rest of the free world, but I thought it was an awesome concept.  While I think that the concept is great, either I’m incapable of doing it correctly or it just didn’t live up to my expectations.  While the white glitter worked fine, and photographs great, in person, I’m not in love with it.  I tried other colors (like blue and pink) and they didn’t cover that great…same brand of glitter.  Also tried flocking it, and anything but white, and again, it washed out.  Overall, it’s not a bad product, though I’m glad that I bought it on clearance:)


A new year…a new calendar

January 2, 2010

We’re all about calendars in our house. We have everything on it, like most others do with an 8 and 5 year olds activities, they need their own social calendar. However, as much as we live and die by our calendar, I only make calendar(s) for other people. Two Christmas’ ago I made 6 calendars, please note, I didn’t say last Christmas or even this Christmas. Those 6 calendars took me a life time and a half to make. So, last year I didn’t make any. My mother-in-law was the only one that commented about not receiving one, and then promptly put in a request for one for this year.

I changed it up from the life time and a half calendar making debacle. Instead of using a pre-made calendar, and having to stamp 365 dates onto the calendar (while a terrific idea it is TIME CONSUMING), I printed the date portion of the calendar on 8.5×11 on my printer. It takes a bit of planning and I actually DID that! It worked, by the way, making the process SOOO much easier and faster. So, here is what the cover looked like:

I used some Bo Bunny paper that I bought last a bit ago:)  After looking at it, if I could get my hands back on it, I would add a ribbon where the papers meet.  Otherwise, it’s the look I was going for.


Christmas cards from the past

December 28, 2009

I happened across these in my decluttering of the girls craft/scrapbooking area.  I give them all of my cast offs, to use the card stock, to play with, whatever they decide to do with them.  They are fun to look at and see what I’ve changed since.  Without further ado, here they are:

This was Christmas 2005.  Oh the problems I had with this card were NUMEROUS!  The intention for the silver overlay was to put silver embossing powder on it and really make it stand out.  Doesn’t work so well on velum.  So, I had to improvise, thus the above results here.  Then, the sentiment…oh, that one sure does get me!  I stamped it and then cut it…again, didn’t work out so well, and really, it sucks stamping a sentiment over and over again.  You get off kilter as you go.  I have issues taking straight pictures, let alone stamping straight!  I attached the girls picture underneath.  Now, I see the possibilities of what I could have done differently. 

Christmas of 2008.  Oh what a mess this one was!  I used my wishblade to cut those circles.  I lifted this off of a card that I had seen…but my thought was, I’ll use the wishblade to make the snowflakes.  After hours, literally hours, of trying to get the snowflakes to cut small enough to fit on those ‘ornaments’ I knew that I had to come up with something else.  This is what I came up with.  The embossing was horrendous, as all of the circles were already cut.  Those of you that did receive this card last year, I HOPE that I sent you one that was WAY cleaner than this one!  Ohh…and I had the entire set of 65+ cards last year assembled before I realized, I don’t have anything for the inside, minus the girls picture!  So I hand wrote our names, thus forcing me to have a plan for this year (puts you in the mind-set of punishment writing that teachers used to give us…reinforces the lesson!  Some merit to that apparently!)

This was my very first christmas card.  I had to save the best for last:)  December 2004, and my lovely, wonderful, ever-so-helpful friend Cyndi convinces me that I should make my own Christmas cards.  It will be SOOOO much fun, she says.  I believe her.  That year, I sent out 82 cards.  Do you want to know why I remember that?  Because that time is permanently etched into my brain as I sat at my kitchen table, until 4am trying to finish these up.  Embossing powder everywhere, trying to hear the newborn that was upstairs and didn’t like to sleep, trying to stay awake.  Oh, it was a lovely moment in time, let me tell you. 

However, this first card, with all of its mistakes and flaws (one MAJOR flaw was that I had to cut 2″ off each photo to get it to fit IN the card…what a HUGE pain that was!) was what set off the card making tradition.  I do enjoy it…after they are done:)

I hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane with me.


Happy Holidays

December 18, 2009

Here are some out takes from our most recent Christmas card session…

They are silly but I sure do think they are wonderful!


Easter Eggs

May 13, 2009

I kno9w that it’s 6 plus weeks after Easter but I’m just getting around to getting this pictures onto my computer.  Maggie didn’t have day care on Good Friday, and I didn’t have work.  So, it was decided that we get a craft to make, spend some time together crafting, and hopefully end up with an Easter decoration.  So, after some searching, I came upon an idea that I loved here.  Though this particular craft called for blown eggs…and really, I wasn’t going to blow eggs, plus I wanted something that would last, so I thought I could pick up a styrafoam or wooden eggs.

I couldn’t find styrafoam eggs, nor could I find enough different flower punches when I went to Micheal’s nor Hobby Lobby.  Instead, we ended up with wooden eggs.  After purchasing a couple of different acrylic paints, along with glitter, tissue paper, paint brushes and tissue paper (and $35 dollars later!) we had everything we needed to make the eggs.

The blue egg with the purple flowers is just the tissue paper punched and applied with some water/glue mixture.  We ended up having to put two layers of tissue paper down because I went with pastels and they were nearly invisible.


The purple egg was made with redline tape and rolled in glitter.  The blue egg was made with stickles (warning…very very messy!)


The overall project wasn’t too hard, though it was time consuming to wait for the paint to dry…considering we had to hold them because I didn’t think that far ahead.  I think it looked great on the table, and I look forward to putting it on the table for many more years to come!



A conversation that I didn’t expect

April 16, 2009

My oldest, who will be 8 next month, has dropped some conversations on me in the last couple of months that literally made me stop the car.  Jaw dropping, omg, did she just say that to ME conversations?  I’ve always tried to answer her questions openly and honestly.  I’ve never lied to her.  I’ve answered honestly and openly.  I want her to come to me with her questions…I just wasn’t prepared for them.  I don’t think that I ever had the nerve to ask these questions of my mom…even to this day.  One of the conversations went like this (please keep in mind we’re driving to the bus stop and we weren’t talking about anything…just looking out the window):

Mags:  Mom, why do people have sex before they get married?
Me: Umm…because some people think that they really love someone and want to share their love in all ways possible.  (This question was mind blowing to me, I truly tried not to overreact or hyperventilate!)
Mags: Did you and Dad have sex before you got married?
Me: Um….Mags, I’m going to answer this question, but PLEASE, do not tell ANYONE at school this.  (huge long pause…hoping that she would forget that she asked me this question.  No dice.)  Yes.
Mags:  Ok. 
Mags: You were married before Dad right?
Me: ……Yes.  (I always thought that she didn’t know…apparently, she’s paying more attention that I thought.)
Me: Do you know what sex is?
Mags: When people lay in bed together without their clothes on.
Me: Got it.  Do you want to know anything else?
Mags: No.  It makes my stomach icky when I think about it.

Makes her stomach icky?  I wanted to die.  I wanted to stop the car, get out, and just keep walking.  I wanted to grill her about where she heard these things…but I know where she has heard them.  She’s heard them on the bus, at the playground, everywhere where I heard these things.  This is my punishment for begging my mother to tell me where babies came from when I was in 2nd grade, and her telling me on a Friday night, with my 3 month old youngest sister in her lap, on the floor in the living room, when my dad was at bowling.  It had to be October/November-ish when my mom told me.  It was technical…all the mechanics and requirements of making a baby.  It wasn’t sex.  It wasn’t for anything but having a baby.  How did we get here?  How did we pass up making babies talk and go right to sex?


Have you come here for stamping?

April 15, 2009

I’ll have to say…not today…again.  Life, well, is crazy right now.  Soccer practice twice a week, softball practice twice a week…add a birthday party and a soccer game and there just isn’t any time to stamp. 

I know I could be spending the time that I’m blogging to actually stamp or create, but can I plead an injury (the elbow is STILL bothering me!) and just go with what’s going on in this half soft brain of mine?

Chuckle of the day, via phone with my husband:

TP: So, what color planter do you want?  Blue, sage, chocolate or brown brown?

Me: Um….what’s the difference between chocolate or brown brown?

TP: You know, chocolate or….brown…english leather brown?

Me: I can’t believe that my HUSBAND just said english leather brown. 

Seriously, my husband thinks that chocolate brown isn’t really a brown brown.  Maybe he’s color blind?  He then proceeded to buy an ‘english leather’ brown planter, along with a plant, to place in the living room.  He’s really digging this whole remodeling thing.  The living room is my new favorite place to be.  It’s comfortable, feels spacious and uncluttered, and there aren’t any socks next to the tv stand!  I should take a picture of THAT!