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Easter Eggs

May 13, 2009

I kno9w that it’s 6 plus weeks after Easter but I’m just getting around to getting this pictures onto my computer.  Maggie didn’t have day care on Good Friday, and I didn’t have work.  So, it was decided that we get a craft to make, spend some time together crafting, and hopefully end up with an Easter decoration.  So, after some searching, I came upon an idea that I loved here.  Though this particular craft called for blown eggs…and really, I wasn’t going to blow eggs, plus I wanted something that would last, so I thought I could pick up a styrafoam or wooden eggs.

I couldn’t find styrafoam eggs, nor could I find enough different flower punches when I went to Micheal’s nor Hobby Lobby.  Instead, we ended up with wooden eggs.  After purchasing a couple of different acrylic paints, along with glitter, tissue paper, paint brushes and tissue paper (and $35 dollars later!) we had everything we needed to make the eggs.

The blue egg with the purple flowers is just the tissue paper punched and applied with some water/glue mixture.  We ended up having to put two layers of tissue paper down because I went with pastels and they were nearly invisible.


The purple egg was made with redline tape and rolled in glitter.  The blue egg was made with stickles (warning…very very messy!)


The overall project wasn’t too hard, though it was time consuming to wait for the paint to dry…considering we had to hold them because I didn’t think that far ahead.  I think it looked great on the table, and I look forward to putting it on the table for many more years to come!




A quickie…

May 11, 2009

Just a little card I threw together for our favorite purple room teacher.


I embossed the mat behind the sentiment with a cuttle bug embossing plate (swirls?).  I sure do love those plate, though I forget to use them…well, I forget that I have them period! 


Have you come here for stamping?

April 15, 2009

I’ll have to say…not today…again.  Life, well, is crazy right now.  Soccer practice twice a week, softball practice twice a week…add a birthday party and a soccer game and there just isn’t any time to stamp. 

I know I could be spending the time that I’m blogging to actually stamp or create, but can I plead an injury (the elbow is STILL bothering me!) and just go with what’s going on in this half soft brain of mine?

Chuckle of the day, via phone with my husband:

TP: So, what color planter do you want?  Blue, sage, chocolate or brown brown?

Me: Um….what’s the difference between chocolate or brown brown?

TP: You know, chocolate or….brown…english leather brown?

Me: I can’t believe that my HUSBAND just said english leather brown. 

Seriously, my husband thinks that chocolate brown isn’t really a brown brown.  Maybe he’s color blind?  He then proceeded to buy an ‘english leather’ brown planter, along with a plant, to place in the living room.  He’s really digging this whole remodeling thing.  The living room is my new favorite place to be.  It’s comfortable, feels spacious and uncluttered, and there aren’t any socks next to the tv stand!  I should take a picture of THAT!


An old technique

February 27, 2009

but new colors!  I’ve had embossing paste for a couple of years (maybe 3-4).  HAD to have it.  Then it sat with the rest of the stuff, because well, I didn’t have everything that I needed!  LOL!  Have you ever used embossing paste?  It has a great effect on the cards, but wow, it can be a pain. 

Embossing paste is used with a stencil.  I’ve only seen it with the brass stencils, but I’m sure that it would work with other stencils.  You smear it on like frosting…take off the excess, and you have a raised stencil of whatever image you’re using.  I happen to use it with a coordinating stamp that I have, but I’ve also seen it with chalks etc.


I also added some glitter to it while it was still wet.  Depending on the amount of paste that you use will depend on the drying time.  It’s a substantial amount of time though (the amount that I used takes about 2-3 hours to completely dry).  And, the cleanup is a pain in the rear!  You have to really scub that stuff off the stencil. 


Think of the possibilities with the embossing paste?  Besides the fact that it comes in numerous colors (I have translucent and white)…You could do a reverse emboss, spreading a sheet of it, and putting a stamp INTO it.  Just using it for a raised embossing.  You can put chalk under it.  Beads and glitter.  Stickles.  The list is endless.  So, for all of the pain that it can be, it’s worth it!


A new scrapping buddy!

February 26, 2009

I rarely sit at my craft table without one of my girls.  Usually, it’s Maggie begging to sit and work.  This time it was Lily.  Usually Lily will have me running around (it’s a high chair and she can’t get up and down because it’s on wheels), getting her paper, glue, scissors, paperbags (she’s into decorating the bags).


My poor guy pen was not happy, but she was.


She’s a goof, but she was so much fun to scrap with today! 


A lifted card

February 25, 2009

So, I had been admiring this card for some time now  Let me just be honest now and say that EVERYTHING that she makes, I fall in love with!  Her stamps are the main reason that I’ve been itching so bad to actually make cards again!  As soon as I saw the card, I knew that I had a stamp that came pretty darn close (well, it did in my MIND!  LOL!) and I could attempt to recreate the card.  I made two different versions of the card.


Check out that stiching!  Remember when I said I couldn’t use Maggie’s sewing machine?!?  I DID IT!  Oh, my mom’s going to be SO proud!  Check out the stitching on the next one…


In my mind, and I must say that my MIND is very sure of my abilities, I would stamp on the chocolate with a light pink, and it would give the same effect as Nicole’s.  Not so much on that.  I then switched to pink embossing powder.  In my haste to actually make the card, I didn’t think too far in advance and I cut the paper without taking into consideration of what the final card size would actually BE (Note to self: STOP DOING THAT!).  So, I cut it a bit smaller than I should have, but overall, I’m happy with the card.  Not to mention, I have vellum envelops that the card will fit in that will make it that much more special.



February 24, 2009

I finally did it…sewed on a card, and got it to WORK.  Good right?  Yeah, in theory.  In reality, when I did the zigzag, I actually had to do it upside down.  I’m not sure if that’s operator error or if that is just the way that the machine works (though I’m thinking that it IS operator error!).  I’m very pleased with the actual sewing, and I can’t wait to actually use it on a layout.  Check out my stiches below:

picture-113-cropa   picture-109-cropa

Though they aren’t perfect, I’m *DARN* proud of myself.  And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors!  I’ll show you the actual cards tomorrow:)

Christmas, 2006

February 23, 2009

Another holiday down!  Feels so great to have another layout complete.  I took some advise that I had read in Scrapbooks Etc.  I can’t recall who it was, even the article and/or month, but the jist of the article was, just because you have 25 pictures of an event of that time period, doesn’t mean that they ALL have to be scrapped!  Even if they ARE great pictures!  So, I took that advise here!  I combined the christmas card picture along with the pictures from Christmas and came up with this layout!


I love the new Bazzill ribbon that I picked up, and feeling the need to actually USE some of the new stuff that I had gotten, brought me to this color scheme.  Plus…I love the glitter paper stack that I bought about 2 years ago (I’m embrassed to say that I’ve had the paper that LONG!)

I promise no more cold holiday layouts for at least two months:)


I even used the wishblade to get the title down.  I’m having such a rough time with titles these days.  They don’t come easy and I’m having difficulty placing them.