A quickie…

May 11, 2009

Just a little card I threw together for our favorite purple room teacher.


I embossed the mat behind the sentiment with a cuttle bug embossing plate (swirls?).  I sure do love those plate, though I forget to use them…well, I forget that I have them period! 



Paperbag Album

May 9, 2009

My youngest daughter’s preschool teacher went on to persue her career in the medical field.  She was an absolute favorite in our house…and she will be sorely missed.  To give her something to remember the Purple Room by, I made up a quick paperbag album.  I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, and with a total of 26 pictures, it only took me 3 hours to complete (pretty darn good for me!).


I painted the bags with a soft moss green paint that I had. 

I didn’t use a particular color scheme…I’m working on my planning ahead skills. 


I only took one picture of a layout, since I don’t have approval from the other parents to post their children’s pictures.


The very last page was for all of the kids to sign their names. 


She will be sorely missed!


Ceramic Tiles

May 5, 2009

So, I have these great white tiles that my lovely father-in-law makes into trivets for me.  I imagined stamping these with alcohol inks and making one-of-a-kind custom trivets for me and anyone else I could think of:)

So here is what the first try produced:


I think that the idea of it is great…the execution, not so much.  The coverage on the stamps wasn’t so great and combine that with the slippery surface, and this is what you get.  I’m thinking that I will try a unglazed tile next. 


A conversation that I didn’t expect

April 16, 2009

My oldest, who will be 8 next month, has dropped some conversations on me in the last couple of months that literally made me stop the car.  Jaw dropping, omg, did she just say that to ME conversations?  I’ve always tried to answer her questions openly and honestly.  I’ve never lied to her.  I’ve answered honestly and openly.  I want her to come to me with her questions…I just wasn’t prepared for them.  I don’t think that I ever had the nerve to ask these questions of my mom…even to this day.  One of the conversations went like this (please keep in mind we’re driving to the bus stop and we weren’t talking about anything…just looking out the window):

Mags:  Mom, why do people have sex before they get married?
Me: Umm…because some people think that they really love someone and want to share their love in all ways possible.  (This question was mind blowing to me, I truly tried not to overreact or hyperventilate!)
Mags: Did you and Dad have sex before you got married?
Me: Um….Mags, I’m going to answer this question, but PLEASE, do not tell ANYONE at school this.  (huge long pause…hoping that she would forget that she asked me this question.  No dice.)  Yes.
Mags:  Ok. 
Mags: You were married before Dad right?
Me: ……Yes.  (I always thought that she didn’t know…apparently, she’s paying more attention that I thought.)
Me: Do you know what sex is?
Mags: When people lay in bed together without their clothes on.
Me: Got it.  Do you want to know anything else?
Mags: No.  It makes my stomach icky when I think about it.

Makes her stomach icky?  I wanted to die.  I wanted to stop the car, get out, and just keep walking.  I wanted to grill her about where she heard these things…but I know where she has heard them.  She’s heard them on the bus, at the playground, everywhere where I heard these things.  This is my punishment for begging my mother to tell me where babies came from when I was in 2nd grade, and her telling me on a Friday night, with my 3 month old youngest sister in her lap, on the floor in the living room, when my dad was at bowling.  It had to be October/November-ish when my mom told me.  It was technical…all the mechanics and requirements of making a baby.  It wasn’t sex.  It wasn’t for anything but having a baby.  How did we get here?  How did we pass up making babies talk and go right to sex?


Have you come here for stamping?

April 15, 2009

I’ll have to say…not today…again.  Life, well, is crazy right now.  Soccer practice twice a week, softball practice twice a week…add a birthday party and a soccer game and there just isn’t any time to stamp. 

I know I could be spending the time that I’m blogging to actually stamp or create, but can I plead an injury (the elbow is STILL bothering me!) and just go with what’s going on in this half soft brain of mine?

Chuckle of the day, via phone with my husband:

TP: So, what color planter do you want?  Blue, sage, chocolate or brown brown?

Me: Um….what’s the difference between chocolate or brown brown?

TP: You know, chocolate or….brown…english leather brown?

Me: I can’t believe that my HUSBAND just said english leather brown. 

Seriously, my husband thinks that chocolate brown isn’t really a brown brown.  Maybe he’s color blind?  He then proceeded to buy an ‘english leather’ brown planter, along with a plant, to place in the living room.  He’s really digging this whole remodeling thing.  The living room is my new favorite place to be.  It’s comfortable, feels spacious and uncluttered, and there aren’t any socks next to the tv stand!  I should take a picture of THAT!



March 28, 2009

We LOVE this sectional.  Actually, I love it…Tom agreed to it because, well, I didn’t like anything else.  It seats all of us comfortably, it’s much smaller which fits the room way better than the last set that we had.  Like I said before, we are still waiting for the chair and window treatments that still need to be picked out, and some sort of art above the couch. 


Please ignore the dogs rear end that you see…he wasn’t moving out of the space!  The table to the right of the couch…it isn’t going to be there.  That will go next to my chair.  The curtains…those are the old ones, and yes, they are way too long, but they are doing the job right now. 


I’m so pleased with the similarity between the woods without them all being from the same collection…not too bad for internet shopping huh? (please ignore the pile of socks that haven’t been sorted either!)

The couch is so cozy, and just begs for me to curl up in the corner and relax at the end of the day!


Which is exactly what I’m going to do RIGHT NOW!  Night!

So, it’s not just crafting here

March 27, 2009

Amongst the litany of things that we’ve been doing with both of the girls, we have also made over our living room.  It’s been so exciting to purchase the furniture, the accessories, pick paint (ok THAT was exciting) but we love the end result!

I don’t have a picture of the whole living room, because well, I didn’t take one.  I feel like that image of our old living room will forever be burned into my brain as the room that I hated the most, but we spent the most amount of time in.  So, take a look at this 70’s flashback wall!


Just for the record, we did NOT live with the wall half peeled off like that for the last 4 years!  We started taking down that wood and mirrors, yes, I said MIRRORS, and THEN I took this picture!  See those three dark strips down the middle of the wall…these horrible tinted mirrors that were going to be the death of me.  So, when the painter came over, originally we were just going to put drywall over the way and be done.  Would have saved my elbow for sure, however, the amount of additional work would have put us way out of budget (we would have had to had the ceiling on the whole first floor painted, the hallway trim would have had to be redone since there would have been a gap) thus leaving us with a freshly painted living room, ceilings throughout the upstairs, along with a freshly painted hallway and a kitchen that is still sitting in the early 80’s and in need of a paint job and new cabinets.  So, my sister and I decided that we were going to start and see if we couldn’t get most of it off.  And, we didn’t do half bad.  We got about the first 1/4 of the wall done in about 1 1/2 hours, and then Tom and I spent the next 3 days tackling a bit at a time after work.  This is what it looks like now:


The blue in the picture isn’t really what you see when you’re here.  It’s a bit deeper and a bit more grey…and it really compliments the room nicely. 

We haven’t received all of the furniture yet…we’re still waiting for the chair to arrive next Saturday, but I’ll put some more pictures up of the furniture tomorrow.


Better late than never…right?

March 26, 2009

Ok…so, it’s almost been a month, but it’s not like I’ve been NOTHING for the last month.  Almost exactly a month ago, I went out scrapping for the night.  I got 4 layouts semi done, and while I loved what I did, I haven’t done a single thing with them (like finishing the journaling or the titles, or even adhered the pictures on the last one!)  I hurt my elbow…to the point where it hurt to extend my arm, that’s healing nicely, without the help of a doctor:)  Added to my pain, was twice weekly karate sessions, brownies, tumbling and softball conditioning, and well, didn’t leave a lot of me time.  We’re down to two things again, and I’ve been encourage to resume blogging.  So, I’m going to pick up where I left you last month.

My journal!  I love it!  Though I do need to make a couple of minor adjustments for it to be fully functional, I’m very pleased with the end result.  Here is is in all it’s glory:


I inked up the edges with a cats eye because I figured that it’s going to be distressed anyways after a couple of days in my purse.  Notice the prima’s?  Yeah…they aren’t suppose to be there, but I mispunched my holes…you can see those here:


That’s the back of the book.  Anyways, no mistakes, just a chance to embellish right?  That’s what I’m going for!

So, I added three sections…along with dividers that I have the intention of putting pockets, we’ll see if I get around to that!


I also have a calendar and notes section.  I’m so very pleased, minus the mistakes that I made, but I could see myself making more of these.  It was pretty quick, and putting in the fixes that I didn’t factor in the first time around would make it even quicker!

What I would do differently:

  1. I wouldn’t use liquid adhesieve (too long of a drying time and caused some bubbles/bumpiness).  Just a good sticking tape and running it everywhere!
  2. Make sure that I punched the holes either evenly across the project or barring that I wouldn’t want to have to figure that out (and the front embellishment might hinder that) I would make sure that I had the project in order so when I was punching holes I knew that they were all lined up.
  3. Pockets on the dividers since I’m always looking for a place to stick things…oh, an even better idea would be to have ‘envelope’ files in there to house those little papers/receipts/etc. that I’d like to be able to find later!
  4. I would add ribbon…so maybe use papers that I had some ribbon that would work.  Again, that whole thinking it out prior to making the first cut!

Ok, so preplanning isn’t in my nature, and my ideas in my head are always better…believe me, it looked AWESOME in my mind, but I’m still happy that I accomplished it, and that I now have something great to pull out and let people tell me how awesome it is (again, that whole in my mind thing!) 


PS…It feels great to be back:)

Stepping out of my comfort zone

February 28, 2009

So I’ve been wanting to make a journal for myself.  Though I realized that a journal was probably not going to be utilized all that often.  I needed something with a little more structure (the inside usefullness of it).  I’ve been mulling this over in my free time, which is to say, that I’ve been laying in bed at night thinking about it, and how I could make it work for ME.  This is what I have come up with so far:

  1. It needed to have sections
  2. Notes, to do lists and a calendar
  3. It needed to be refillable

I knew that if I was going to spend time on it, I was going to need to make it refillable, which was going to leave my Bind-it-all out of the picture.  So, I’ve spent some time on the cover and have done some embellishing of them.  Here is what it looks like so far…well, the front cover anways!


This is one of my favorite papers from piggy tales…snow white and the 7 dwarfs.  I painted some chip board, and added some bling.


This paper is unbelievably thick!  Strength was what I needed for this project, as I’m sure it’s going to get some wear in my purse!  I’m hoping to finish this up tonight, when I’m out for my scrapping night.


An old technique

February 27, 2009

but new colors!  I’ve had embossing paste for a couple of years (maybe 3-4).  HAD to have it.  Then it sat with the rest of the stuff, because well, I didn’t have everything that I needed!  LOL!  Have you ever used embossing paste?  It has a great effect on the cards, but wow, it can be a pain. 

Embossing paste is used with a stencil.  I’ve only seen it with the brass stencils, but I’m sure that it would work with other stencils.  You smear it on like frosting…take off the excess, and you have a raised stencil of whatever image you’re using.  I happen to use it with a coordinating stamp that I have, but I’ve also seen it with chalks etc.


I also added some glitter to it while it was still wet.  Depending on the amount of paste that you use will depend on the drying time.  It’s a substantial amount of time though (the amount that I used takes about 2-3 hours to completely dry).  And, the cleanup is a pain in the rear!  You have to really scub that stuff off the stencil. 


Think of the possibilities with the embossing paste?  Besides the fact that it comes in numerous colors (I have translucent and white)…You could do a reverse emboss, spreading a sheet of it, and putting a stamp INTO it.  Just using it for a raised embossing.  You can put chalk under it.  Beads and glitter.  Stickles.  The list is endless.  So, for all of the pain that it can be, it’s worth it!