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Christmas, 2006

February 23, 2009

Another holiday down!  Feels so great to have another layout complete.  I took some advise that I had read in Scrapbooks Etc.  I can’t recall who it was, even the article and/or month, but the jist of the article was, just because you have 25 pictures of an event of that time period, doesn’t mean that they ALL have to be scrapped!  Even if they ARE great pictures!  So, I took that advise here!  I combined the christmas card picture along with the pictures from Christmas and came up with this layout!


I love the new Bazzill ribbon that I picked up, and feeling the need to actually USE some of the new stuff that I had gotten, brought me to this color scheme.  Plus…I love the glitter paper stack that I bought about 2 years ago (I’m embrassed to say that I’ve had the paper that LONG!)

I promise no more cold holiday layouts for at least two months:)


I even used the wishblade to get the title down.  I’m having such a rough time with titles these days.  They don’t come easy and I’m having difficulty placing them.