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Change of Pace

January 9, 2010

I did another acrylic album and these are probably my favorite to do!  This was for my oldest daughter for Christmas.  It was suppose to be for Valentine’s day…but my road to hell is paved with good intentions.  I did this album in under an hour and it was a blast.  It’s always nice to sprinkle in the quick projects with the never ending scrapping.

Because of the nature of the album, I kept the cover simple.  I wrote her name with stickles (I copied a stamp for the M and then freehanded the rest) and added three rhinestone flowers that I bought when I bought the album 2+ years ago at the Scrapbook Expo in St. Charles. 

I used some felt die-cuts that I bought at the expo last year.  While they are a terrific idea, I had a difficult time with them keeping their shape with all the little swirls and thin pieces.  I think that I paid a dollar for it, and I would probably buy them again, at that price, I would just have to mentally be prepared for fighting to get it laid down the way that I think it should be.  I also had imagined that when I put it on the other side, that it would match up.  Thankfully, it’s a clear glue, but it still gives it a much more cluttered look than I would have liked.

This is my favorite picture!  She knows that this isn’t the real Santa (this is the Holiday World Santa) yet she still believes and thinks that this guy has some really strong connections to the big guy!

I’ll post the rest of the pictures later this week!



Happy Holidays

December 18, 2009

Here are some out takes from our most recent Christmas card session…

They are silly but I sure do think they are wonderful!


Halloween in February

February 14, 2009

So, still plowing through the 2006 pictures, and I’m finally to Halloween!  Good thing right?  Not so much when you’re not prepared with appropriate papers/embellishments.  So, I do what I always do when it’s too time consuming to run to a LSS…punt and pray for rain.  This is what I ended up doing. 

First, I turned to my trusty Scrapbooksetc. Page Planner.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. 


My last two pages have been lifted out of this book.  While neither of them have come out even remotely close to the original, they gave me a terrific starting off point and the less time I have to sit and figure out how to put them on the paper, the more time I can spend on other things…like stitching and journaling!  So, I used this sketch and just turned it on it’s side because my pictures didn’t fit into the layout.


I also didn’t go with traditional halloween colors, because, I had no choice.  I really do like to tackle these older pictures in chronological order (I’m sure that there is some official disorder name for this…I just consider it my nutty side) so that I can be DONE with them.


I think maybe I missed the boat on the title on this one…it just didn’t seem to fit in anywhere, nor did I have the urge to pull out the wishblade to create a title. 


P.S. If you have a blog with a Valentines day theme project (current or old), go to and check out their Blog Carnival!  You have until the 12th to submit your link, and they will post the links on the 13th!

One of my favorite papers!

February 11, 2009

That’s saying a lot.  I own paper…lots and lots of paper.  Mostly solids, but I’m expanding out to prints.  I usually will buy print (unless it’s Piggy Tales…then I have to own that ASAP!) when I’m at a LSS and have something specific in mind.  When I saw this paper at Archivers by Heidi Swapp, I had to have it.  It’s beautiful.  It’s textured…with flock like ‘stuff’ (great adjective huh?)  Makes you want to touch it, and posses it, and never ever ever USE it…especially at $2.49 for one piece!  Look at the texture on this paper!  I wish you could FEEL it!  Amazing I tell you!


So, what does one do when they have this amazing paper and no pictures that do it justice?  Make your kids play in the snow!  So, we spent a Sunday morning playing in the snow, and I must have taken 50 pictures…hoping to get those amazing shots that would make the amazing paper even more wonderful! 


I think that this picture does it justice.  The poor child was freezing, and I was begging for 10 more minutes!  I added the title that I made using one of my sizzlet fonts and chipboard pieces…added some versamark brilliance ink and some bling, and I was set.


If you notice, I screwed up the journaling.  So, I had to do some improvising, and a little punch to cover part of the smudge that I also did, and voila, complete. 

So, I managed to use paper that scared the daylights out of me (I really did think I was going to screw it up!) and complete it in less than an hour…record time!


My new favorite tool!

February 7, 2009

I’ve been eyeing this for months.  I caught sight of it on my way out of a LSS, and put it on my wish list.  I didn’t get it for Christmas, but I did get gift cards to buy…so this was the first thing that I put in my basket on my after Christmas shopping spree!  Bazzill In Stitch’z templates!  You see, I’m not one to actually sew.  My idea of sewing is to bring it to my mother:)  I had actually contemplated buying a small sewing machine, and really couldn’t see myself  using it much (besides…Maggie has a sewing machine and if I can figure out how to thread it, I COULD use that.)  So, I thought the templates would guarantee me a ‘precisely’ random look.  It completely fits into who I am but what I WANT to be.  You see, I have an issue when things aren’t evenly spaced, uneven, etc. 

So back to the original thought…the Bazill In Stitch’z!  This is the template that I bought, along with two different shades of floss along with the piercer. 


I love all of these!  I only bought the floss from LSS because I was on a ‘I need it NOW’ trip.  I could have gotten it from Michaels or Hobby Lobby for a much better price, and will for any future floss needs. 

It’s so very easy to use the templates.  You place the template down where you want to put the stitches…


Use the nifty little piercing tool to put the holes in where you want them


(Please ignore my hands…I apparently need a tripod)

Once all of the holes are pierced, you go ahead and ‘sew’


And, you can see the precise randomness that I was speaking of!  It’s lovely and perfect!  The end result is terrific!  I’m so pleased with this purchase.


A cool photo

February 5, 2009

I just had to post this picture.  I think it shows what my camera COULD do, if I were able to use it beyond a point and shoot!  This was totally an accident, but I do love the mid-focus (I’m sure that there is a technical term for it) and the blurriness of the picture all around it.  I was just trying to show that I had popped up with sentiment.