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Change of Pace, part 2

January 11, 2010

Page number three was a no-brainer.  Just added a butterfly rub-on and called it a day. 

The clear albums allow you to use the less is more rule since by the time you get to the end, you can see an awful lot of the embellishments from the rest of the album.

Had I really thought how the rub-on was going to lay on between the picture and the album, I wouldn’t have put it there, but it’s not horrible in person:)

Sorry for the terrible picture!  Apparently I rushed through that page!

These little felt flowers were terrific for this project!  Same place that I bought the felt boarder, and I just added some gems to them.  Great, easy embellishment that was quick!

And, the final page:

Those who know my scrapbooking style know that I DO NOT ever write in my own books.  I know, it’s important, that generations from now will appreciate it, however, I just can’t.  So, I felt like it was important to do it here.  Now, you know why I don’t do it:)  I can’t ever write in a straight line!  I’m sure a handwriting expert can come up with the real reason, but none the less, it’s there forever and ever.



March, April and May

January 6, 2010

More pictures of the calendar!  I really tried to make these simple and easy.  I used my beloved Stampin’ Up Scalloped punch.  Notice the corner flower…yeah, didn’t line up the punches correctly, so I applied the ‘there are no screw ups only chances to embellish’. 

For April, I used some rub ons that I found in the clearance bin at Archivers.  (Notice a trend…*I’m* so behind in scrapping that I can buy things out of their clearance bin and feel like they are new and trendy!)  They are meant to be layered, however, I just used them as they came in the package, because that’s what I do best!

Again, another simple page.  With the Stick With It Designs.

You can see the lack of coverage that I’m talking about here:

I rubbed the glitter into the design but still not in love with the coverage.


February…in January!

January 4, 2010

This is February, from the calendar I talked about last time. 

Now, using the home made calendar does take some getting used to.  It’s hard to coordinate the colors from one month to another.  Had I planned it a bit better, I would have printed all of the pictures in black and white, and used an overall complimentary scheme. 

I also used a new product, for me, though it was in the clearance bin at Archiver’s for 25% off so I don’t think it’s a new product to the rest of the free world, but I thought it was an awesome concept.  While I think that the concept is great, either I’m incapable of doing it correctly or it just didn’t live up to my expectations.  While the white glitter worked fine, and photographs great, in person, I’m not in love with it.  I tried other colors (like blue and pink) and they didn’t cover that great…same brand of glitter.  Also tried flocking it, and anything but white, and again, it washed out.  Overall, it’s not a bad product, though I’m glad that I bought it on clearance:)


A new year…a new calendar

January 2, 2010

We’re all about calendars in our house. We have everything on it, like most others do with an 8 and 5 year olds activities, they need their own social calendar. However, as much as we live and die by our calendar, I only make calendar(s) for other people. Two Christmas’ ago I made 6 calendars, please note, I didn’t say last Christmas or even this Christmas. Those 6 calendars took me a life time and a half to make. So, last year I didn’t make any. My mother-in-law was the only one that commented about not receiving one, and then promptly put in a request for one for this year.

I changed it up from the life time and a half calendar making debacle. Instead of using a pre-made calendar, and having to stamp 365 dates onto the calendar (while a terrific idea it is TIME CONSUMING), I printed the date portion of the calendar on 8.5×11 on my printer. It takes a bit of planning and I actually DID that! It worked, by the way, making the process SOOO much easier and faster. So, here is what the cover looked like:

I used some Bo Bunny paper that I bought last a bit ago:)  After looking at it, if I could get my hands back on it, I would add a ribbon where the papers meet.  Otherwise, it’s the look I was going for.


Ribbon Hoarders Anonymous Anyone???–Edited

December 30, 2009

Hi, my name is Renee, and I love ribbon.  It’s beautiful, can used for numerous different projects, and can make a scrapbook page go from “Oh, that’s nice” to “WOW!”  I like “WOW!” a lot.  I’m not sure that I’ve posted many projects without ribbon…partly because I took 7+months off, and partly, because I like to use it A LOT!  So, what do you do when your ribbon storage consists of this:

and this:

Seriously people…this is out of control.  It is a great idea if you don’t actually use the ribbon, because then it doesn’t unwind on you, and create this mess of beautiful ribbon.  So, I went and bought myself one of these:

These aren’t cheap.  I think, with my michael’s coupon, it was about $15-20 ish?  You might be asking yourself, how does she not know what she paid for this.  That’s because I bought it two YEARS ago!  See the dust on it?  I put two rolls of ribbon it in, and it was SUCH a hassle, that I stuck it on top of my shelf, and only pulled it down for you to see that I did have good intentions.  Now, it will go back on the shelf until I can find a home for it (preferably someone else’s home) or Maggie decides she wants that too!  So, I’ve tossed around a million different ideas…none of them were appealing to me.  Than I saw THIS and I was in love.  I knew that I had to do it.  So, from the above mess, I now have this.  It is a work in progress…but the actual concept is lovely, and I just wanted to share, as I know that I can’t possibly be the ONLY one to have this problem…right?  (Please, I need confirmation that I am *NOT* the only one with this issue!)

On top of that mess that you saw above, I just got another 25+ spools of ribbon for Christmas…along with a dozen bags of buttons, with anywhere from 50-150 in each package…but for the price and quality, you can beat them!

Edited to add:  Those are old fashion clothes pins.  I was able to find them at hobby lobby, but I’ve heard you can find them at the dollar store.  You put the ribbon in the ‘middle’ of the clothes pin (that part that you would put over the clothes line, if you were to hang clothes with it).  Then you proceed to wrap and wrap and wrap:)  Once your spool is on the clothes pin, I used pins that have the ball on the head of them (I’m sure that there is a proper name for them), but push it through the ribbon, and I try to aim for that seperation in the clothes pin, otherwise the pin sticks out and I’m afraid that it would get caught on something, though I have no basis for that fear.  It is time consuming, but that’s because I have a LOT of ribbon.  Something that is easy to do while watching tv though.  For me, personally, I can only do about 10-15 a night, and then my hand starts cramping up a bit.  The jars are canisters, I believe.  I found them at Wal-mart for about $7 a piece…so slightly more than the ribbon storage that I bought, however, much prettier AND they will hold way more than the thing that I bought! 


A quickie…

May 11, 2009

Just a little card I threw together for our favorite purple room teacher.


I embossed the mat behind the sentiment with a cuttle bug embossing plate (swirls?).  I sure do love those plate, though I forget to use them…well, I forget that I have them period! 


Paperbag Album

May 9, 2009

My youngest daughter’s preschool teacher went on to persue her career in the medical field.  She was an absolute favorite in our house…and she will be sorely missed.  To give her something to remember the Purple Room by, I made up a quick paperbag album.  I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, and with a total of 26 pictures, it only took me 3 hours to complete (pretty darn good for me!).


I painted the bags with a soft moss green paint that I had. 

I didn’t use a particular color scheme…I’m working on my planning ahead skills. 


I only took one picture of a layout, since I don’t have approval from the other parents to post their children’s pictures.


The very last page was for all of the kids to sign their names. 


She will be sorely missed!


Better late than never…right?

March 26, 2009

Ok…so, it’s almost been a month, but it’s not like I’ve been NOTHING for the last month.  Almost exactly a month ago, I went out scrapping for the night.  I got 4 layouts semi done, and while I loved what I did, I haven’t done a single thing with them (like finishing the journaling or the titles, or even adhered the pictures on the last one!)  I hurt my elbow…to the point where it hurt to extend my arm, that’s healing nicely, without the help of a doctor:)  Added to my pain, was twice weekly karate sessions, brownies, tumbling and softball conditioning, and well, didn’t leave a lot of me time.  We’re down to two things again, and I’ve been encourage to resume blogging.  So, I’m going to pick up where I left you last month.

My journal!  I love it!  Though I do need to make a couple of minor adjustments for it to be fully functional, I’m very pleased with the end result.  Here is is in all it’s glory:


I inked up the edges with a cats eye because I figured that it’s going to be distressed anyways after a couple of days in my purse.  Notice the prima’s?  Yeah…they aren’t suppose to be there, but I mispunched my holes…you can see those here:


That’s the back of the book.  Anyways, no mistakes, just a chance to embellish right?  That’s what I’m going for!

So, I added three sections…along with dividers that I have the intention of putting pockets, we’ll see if I get around to that!


I also have a calendar and notes section.  I’m so very pleased, minus the mistakes that I made, but I could see myself making more of these.  It was pretty quick, and putting in the fixes that I didn’t factor in the first time around would make it even quicker!

What I would do differently:

  1. I wouldn’t use liquid adhesieve (too long of a drying time and caused some bubbles/bumpiness).  Just a good sticking tape and running it everywhere!
  2. Make sure that I punched the holes either evenly across the project or barring that I wouldn’t want to have to figure that out (and the front embellishment might hinder that) I would make sure that I had the project in order so when I was punching holes I knew that they were all lined up.
  3. Pockets on the dividers since I’m always looking for a place to stick things…oh, an even better idea would be to have ‘envelope’ files in there to house those little papers/receipts/etc. that I’d like to be able to find later!
  4. I would add ribbon…so maybe use papers that I had some ribbon that would work.  Again, that whole thinking it out prior to making the first cut!

Ok, so preplanning isn’t in my nature, and my ideas in my head are always better…believe me, it looked AWESOME in my mind, but I’m still happy that I accomplished it, and that I now have something great to pull out and let people tell me how awesome it is (again, that whole in my mind thing!) 


PS…It feels great to be back:)

Stepping out of my comfort zone

February 28, 2009

So I’ve been wanting to make a journal for myself.  Though I realized that a journal was probably not going to be utilized all that often.  I needed something with a little more structure (the inside usefullness of it).  I’ve been mulling this over in my free time, which is to say, that I’ve been laying in bed at night thinking about it, and how I could make it work for ME.  This is what I have come up with so far:

  1. It needed to have sections
  2. Notes, to do lists and a calendar
  3. It needed to be refillable

I knew that if I was going to spend time on it, I was going to need to make it refillable, which was going to leave my Bind-it-all out of the picture.  So, I’ve spent some time on the cover and have done some embellishing of them.  Here is what it looks like so far…well, the front cover anways!


This is one of my favorite papers from piggy tales…snow white and the 7 dwarfs.  I painted some chip board, and added some bling.


This paper is unbelievably thick!  Strength was what I needed for this project, as I’m sure it’s going to get some wear in my purse!  I’m hoping to finish this up tonight, when I’m out for my scrapping night.


A new scrapping buddy!

February 26, 2009

I rarely sit at my craft table without one of my girls.  Usually, it’s Maggie begging to sit and work.  This time it was Lily.  Usually Lily will have me running around (it’s a high chair and she can’t get up and down because it’s on wheels), getting her paper, glue, scissors, paperbags (she’s into decorating the bags).


My poor guy pen was not happy, but she was.


She’s a goof, but she was so much fun to scrap with today!